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About Us

Solar is a free, solar resource for the residents of Arizona. Believing in the viability and affordability of solar in Arizona, we promote Solar Parties™ from Salt River Solar & Wind, LLC. Solar Parties are a fun way to learn about solar energy. Have fun with friends, family, and neighbors, learning about solar energy in a relaxed atmosphere.

Solar Parties™ is the original solar party provider, offering fun and interactive parties to cultivate solar knowledge in consumers. Solar Party events, such as in-home solar parties and solar seminars are coordinated, hosted, and catered by Solar Parties™, all for free! It really is a great way to learn about benefits of going solar in Phoenix and the rest of Arizona.

For more information on solar parties or to host a solar party, call Salt River Solar and Wind at 623-975-2313 or contact them online at: contact solar parties.