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Host a Solar Party

Hosting a solar party is simple and free. In fact, you can make a substantial amount of money hosting a solar party with Solar Parties™. Not only do we coordinate the event, inviting the guests from your list as well as providing the food and entertainment, we also pay you!

How to host a solar party:

Step 1: Get together a list of invitees (family, friends, neighbors, and such).
Step 2: Contact Solar Parties™.
Step 3: Agree to a date for the party.
Step 4: Enjoy the party.
Step 5: Collect any earned rewards!

It really is that simple. We do all the work and you have fun, while helping us make the world a better place.

Solar Party Hosting Rewards

We offer our solar party hosts $250 for each household in attendance that chooses to go solar with us, making it not only fun to host a solar party but profitable as well.

For more information regarding hosting a solar party, call us at 623-975-2313 or contact us online.