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Solar energy is a clean, renewable energy source. Unlike its fossil-fuel and nuclear counterparts, solar energy use does not produce excessive amounts of carbon pollution or hazardous waste. Compared to its dirty counterparts, solar energy is plentiful and easy to collect as well. An abundant, clean, and renewable energy source that is easy to amass, solar energy is a promising component to a comprehensive energy solution.

With solar-component manufacturing, logistics, and installation technology and business processes advancing, the cost of installing solar energy systems is decreasing. Pioneering companies like Salt River Solar & Wind, the originator of Solar Parties™, provide ground-breaking financing and incentives, making solar affordable for more people.

Solar advocacy is an important part of the green movement, cultivating solar energy knowledge, making it possible for more people to make an educated decision regarding solar energy use and policy. Solar Parties™ provides a means of educating the people of Arizona regarding the advantages of solar energy.

For more information regarding solar parties, call Salt River Solar and Wind at 623-975-2313 or contact solar parties online here.

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