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Solar Party Information

The first of their kind, Salt River Solar and Wind’s Solar Parties are a means for advocating solar energy within the communities of Arizona. At a solar party, consumers learn about solar energy uses, the benefits of going solar, financing options, and more.

Promoting renewable, abundant solar energy, Salt River Solar & Wind offers Solar Parties™, relaxed in-home events, catered with light refreshments, hosted an event coordinator, and entertained by a solar energy and energy efficiency expert. Have fun with your family, friends, and neighbors while learning about the many uses of solar energy through fun and interactive presentations.

Similar to other parties of their kind, solar parties are in-home, comfortable events. The difference between Solar Parties and comparable events is that Salt River Solar & Wind coordinates them, inviting the guests from the list provided by the solar party host, catering the event, and supplying the entertainment.

For more information regarding solar parties or hosting solar parties call 623-975-2313 or contact us online here.