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Why Solar Parties?

America’s rising expenditure on fossil fuels, coupled with their detrimental effects on our environment and health, magnify the need for alternatives. Solar energy is an excellent substitute. Solar energy is an elegant, clean supplement to fossil fuels sources, and part of a comprehensive solution to an impending energy crisis. The energy source is abundant, renewable, and relatively easy to collect.

This is even more valid in regions like the southwestern United States, where sunshine is both consistent and plentiful. Solar in Arizona and similar states is highly expedient, as smaller system sizes produce comparable amounts of energy compared to their counterparts in less clarion regions.

Consumer education regarding solar energy, including its merit and affordability is a fundamental part of solar advocacy, necessary to move America forward to a brighter future. If we continue the status-quo, garnering most of our energy from fossil fuels, we remain vulnerable to unacceptable risk, such as dependence on unpredictable foreign sources, diminishing supply, and environmental disaster.

Begun as an instrument for consumer education, Solar Parties™ are an effective means for enlightening consumers regarding the many benefits of solar energy in Arizona. A solar party is a relaxed, in-home event for family, friends, and neighbors, entertained by a solar energy and energy efficiency expert, catered with light refreshments.

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